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changed the speaker on passenger door.put it back together.made sure everything was pluged into the right nothing on that door works.locks,mirror or the window.and the clicker for the alarm stoped working also.put a new battery in the clicker and nothing.any idea what it could be?

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I will need year make, model, engine size, 2 or 4wd, cabin type (2 dr, 4dr, ext-cab...) to get a wiring diagram for your vehicle.

You may have a broken wire in the wire harness where the door opens and closes. I know you say you checked everything but you should check again. If you know somewhere that you can access a good scanner you might want to scan your vehicle for codes related to the body control module.

did you touch any wires to the body and short something out? Why did you change the speaker and what things did you unplug to change it?

If the door is still open, try putting the old speaker back is and see if maybe the speaker is not compatible.

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