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my question is about diagnosing my 2003 duramax silverados problem.. be it a fuel pump or air flow sensor, or other, and how exactly i can diagnose the issue.. the mechanics ive taken it to couldnt say for sure...
im really not trying to be lazy here... ive been searching the posts... my ignorance should never be underestimated haha...

the fuel filter was replaced maybe 3 months or so ago... recently i ve noticed that the truck loses power temporarily when driving it... it started happening when i would punch the gas.. for example, getting onto highways... i would have to take my foot off the gas and then back on for the truck to continue to get gas... it originally seemed to only happen every once in a while when accelerating. then it started happening more and more... finally, when i was driving down my street the truck died on me.. i coasted to the side of the street, stopped, put er in park then started it back up... the guys i took the truck to are not diesel mechanics... anyway, i was told that they were not positive if it was the fuel pump or not... that they did not have the whatever to be able to properly diagnose it and would hate to change pumps if that was not the issue... ive done a little research online and heard something about mass air flow sensor being a possibility as well.... and to check the fuel pressure to be able to diagnose what it is... that you could get the tools to test it at o reilly for free by dropping a deposit down. what exactly would i be looking for... i can find out how to check the fuel pressure, i just need to know what exactly i should look for with that... how can i tell if it is a mass airflow sensor problem or a fuel pump??? im assuming it is not a filter seeing how it was just replaced not too long ago.... does anybody have a good idea with what is going on with my truck, how i can figure out what exactly the issue is before i drop $1000+ down on labor alone to replace the damn pump... how i can diagnose it myself to know what needs done... etc... any wisdom my way would be greatly appreciated.... im getting pretty desperate... about to make a trip 3 hours to oklahoma to have my cousins ex father in law fix it... i dont want to pay for something that doesnt need to be done... whatever it is, id like to have a good idea, if not know for sure, what the problem is, beforehand.... thanks a lot.... i appologise if this sounds cookie cutter to you all... im fairly ignorant with cars, and online stuff... dont know if there are specific things to do for certain types, year, models, diesel, the duramax model etc.... im really not trying to be lazy and not look for answers first... from everything ive seen, i still have little clue... speciffic communication with me would be of grerat assistance... ive just spent, well it was 930 when i started, now its 2;15, so almost 5 1/2 hours, trying to figure out what to do... youtube etc.... thats wher i heard something about the air flow sensor... thanks, and sorry about the a d d rambling

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I'm not a diesel tech but driving your truck with a scanner and looking at the data stream while you are driving it would help you determine what is happening. fuel pressure pid should be 1.1 to 1.4 MPa.

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ok.. as for the scanner... ive been on e bay looking... cant find anything that specifies duramax diesel... does anyone know offhand a decent enough one for the person on a budget... i dont want to purchase one that does not work on duramax

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