1997 Chevy C1500 Power Steering Hard

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1997 Chevy C1500 Power Steering Hard

Unread post by 97ChevyC1500 » Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:14 pm

My steering pump is messed up it is making my steering wheel a lot harder to turn every morning to go to work. I't worked when i got the truck in March 2012 but its had a lot of problems like the alternator had to be changed the engine was all messed up the battery had to be jumped every morning but im focusing on the steering pump. Is there a way to fix it or do i have to buy a new one?? :?: :?:
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Re: 1997 Chevy C1500 Power Steering Hard

Unread post by ProTech » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:26 pm

There is no way to rebuild your power steering pump on your truck. You will need to replace the pump, if that is your problem.

They aren't too expensive, and not too bad of a repair to do, if you plan to do this yourself.
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Re: 1997 Chevy C1500 Power Steering Hard

Unread post by Tyson » Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:56 pm

I have a 07 Equinox and it has become very difficult to turn steering wheel. I tried to give someone a jump but didn't work. Well 2 weeks later I lost steering after I cut the car on and tried to reverse. The steering came back about 2hrs of sitting. Well yesterday I started my car up and the steering was gone again. Did some research and seen other people with same issues, so I replaced the fuse under the hood today and still no steering. I am missing work and possibly won't have a job in the next couple days if this continues. What are my options?

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Re: 1997 Chevy C1500 Power Steering Hard

Unread post by carriedi » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:25 am

First, please, do not give someone a jump with your vehicle. Most people do not know the proper procedure to jump a vehicle with all the electronics on modern vehicles. What you think is doing someone a favor could cost you hundreds to a thousand dollars or more. When someone has a dead battery and you go to jump their battery, their dead battery and cranking their engine over, loads your charging system beyond the max your alternator can output. It can damage any electronic module that is on when you jump their car. DO NO GIVE SOMEONE A JUMP START! It's not like the old days anymore. If you insist on giving someone a jump, make sure you tell them they have to do it this way or you will not help them. Turn your engine off. Hook up your jumper cables making sure the ground cable is hooked up first on both cars. Look for a good ground not on the battery post. Then hook up the positive cable to the dead cars positive terminal. Next hook up the positive terminal or your battery. If everything goes okay and there is no problems, disconnect the positive jumper cable from your car and start your car up. Reconnect the positive jumper cable to your car and let the alternator help charge for a while. When you are ready to jump the dead car, turn your car off. Don't let the dead car draw from your running car, ever.

your battery is to start your engine. Your alternator is to run you car and charge your battery. Even though there are many alternators that can charge over 200 amps, (although most are 60 to 90) A dead car can draw over 600 amps depending on why they think they need a jump. So, they could max out your alternator's capacity, draw down your battery and the surge could blow anything that's on.

that being said, you should scan your vehicle and see what codes you have for your steering. The steering sensor may need to be re-calibrated. Module may need to be re-flashed. Module may be bad and need to be replaced. Column may need to be replaced. A scanner will let you see what is happening with the column and the steering sensor to see if it's reading anything
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