pitman arm replace on 2002 blazer 4x4

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pitman arm replace on 2002 blazer 4x4

Unread post by dontknow » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:21 am

how to replace pitman arm on 2002 blazer 4x4. is there easy way to replace a pitman arm on a 2002 blazer 4x4 ? the crossmember is in the way of steering box & welded on.

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Re: pitman arm replace on 2002 blazer 4x4

Unread post by ProTech » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:47 pm

It's a pretty easy repair, but you do need some special tools to do this job. To access the pitman arm you need to remove any splash shields or skid plates the truck is equipped with first.

Then you can remove the nut from the end of the pitman arm the center link, and using a pickle fork or similar tool, separate the pitman arm from the center link. Then remove the nut that attaches the pitman to the gearbox.

Now, you will need a special tool called a 'pitman arm puller' to get the arm off of the gearbox. Sometimes a tech will use a cut off wheel to cut a groove in the arm to aid in removal, but that should only be done by an experienced person.

Once the pitman arm is off, just install the new on in the same position and then reattach everything else in reverse order.
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