chevy avalanche rear wheel bearing replace

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chevy avalanche rear wheel bearing replace

Unread post by james.bradley.965 » Wed May 15, 2013 3:25 pm

I am having trouble changing rear wheel bearing on my avalanche not real sure where to start!!! took the rear end cover of removed the pin but there is no c clips to release the axle does it take a special tool or does it come out by the for bolts on the end of the axel behind the break rotor :( :(

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Re: chevy avalanche rear wheel bearing replace

Unread post by ProTech » Wed May 15, 2013 3:30 pm

If it's not a 2500 series Avalanche, then you would in fact have c-clips that are holding the axles in. If you've got a posi rear end, the block that is in between the spider gears kind of hides the view of the c-clips. They are a bit more of a pain to get out, but not terrible. Have a friend push the axle inward towards the differential to give you enough play to get the c-clip out. A small magnet works wonders here. Then you can remove the axle and change the seal and bearing. Easy!
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