Serpintine belt

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Serpintine belt

Unread post by Guest » Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:33 pm

Where do u start the belt on a 5.7 chev pu

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Re: Serpintine belt

Unread post by carriedi » Wed Nov 25, 2020 8:11 am

you start at the drive belt tensioner. The belt has a spring loaded tensioner to keep your belt tight. It you put pressure on the belt you will be able to see the tensioner move. If I had more information like what year your engine is, if it has AC or not and if it has the smog pump or not I could get you a belt routing diagram that would show you what pulley id the tensioner. But if you just push or pull on the belt (with the engine off of course) you will see the tensioner pulley move. The tensioner has a 3/8 drive square hole in it. You can use a breaker bar or long ratchet plugged into the tensioner to move the tensioner and get the belt on and off. There should be a diagram of the belt routing somewhere under the hood. It comes from the factory with the diagram. It's a sticker so sometimes they come off and get lost. Be real careful if you try to do it yourself. If your breaker bar or ratchet slips out while you are putting the belt on or off you could get hurt. Like loose fingers or pieces of one. If the tensioner slips off when there is no belt the tensioner could break. Then you would need to get a new one. But, if you are careful, it's not a bad DIY job.

so, you use a tool to put slack in the belt and slip the belt off any pulley that's easy to get at. You don't have to take the belt off at the tensioner pulley. Leave the belt on the tensioner, Use the tool to put a lot of slack in the belt and slip it off the easiest pulley you can get to. After the belt if off slowly release the tensioner. Be careful, don't let it slam back.

You put it back on the same way. Put the belt back on the way it came off. Put it on the tensioner and all the pulleys except the one you took it off from. Use the tool to move the tensioner to allow the belt to have enough slack so you can put it back on the pulley you took it off from. Once you have the belt on slowly allow the tensioner to move beak and put the pressure back on the belt. Don't put your fingers between the belt and the pulleys. Safety first.

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