2006 Chevy Uplander Wont Start

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2006 Chevy Uplander Wont Start

Unread post by jloper68 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:27 pm

have a 2006 chevy uplander that we replaced the alternator in and now it wont start. We replaced the fuel pump because it was not turning on and that was not the problem, it is not getting power to the fuel pump and we know this because it works with a jumper wire in the fuse box. All fuses, relays and grounds look good and scan tool gives us a code of P0230. Any ideas what this could be?

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Re: 2006 Chevy Uplander Wont Start

Unread post by carriedi » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:58 am

did you disconnect the battery ground cable before you worked on the alternator?

before you replace a fuel pump that you think may not be working you should always check to see if the power and grounds are good and it's getting power during the 2 second prime when you cycle the key to the run position. Just feel the fuel pomp relay and feel if it clicks when you cycle the key. If you can hear and feel it click on and then off, you know if the computer is sending a signal to turn on the pump relay.
what are you jumping to make the fuel pump come on? does the fuel pump fuse (FUEL PUMP FUSE 2) have battery voltage all the time? (the under hood fuse box) It is supposed to have battery voltage all the time. It is the fuse for the fuel pump relay. If that fuse doesn't have power then there probably is no power to to the PWR/TRN relay of the IGN MAIN relay either because they all use the same circuit power.(on the 3.9L engine)

Hook up a scanner that can see if there is a code stored or can graph the data stream and see if the computer is working normally.
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