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96 Chevy 4×4 truck
I have replaced everything on my truck but it still has a miss to it it's a 350 with headers on it wat could b the problem
Re: 96 Chevy 4×4 truck
if you think you have a misfire you should take it to a shop and find out what cylinder is misfiring. If they have a scanner they could see which cylinder is misfiring. If they have a scope they can see which cylinder and also see what the spark is doing. They could see if the spark kv is too high, bad plug or wire. Too low, flooding or low compression. They could see if the cylinder is running to lean by the burn time and slope or rise Once you find out which cylinder is the problem then you can concentrate you efforts on that/those cylinders.

'replacing everything' doesn't help me understand what your actual problem is and what you have done to it. what things have you replaced? Does it miss all the time? Worse at times? Missing at idle? Does if feel like it's just one cylinder that's missing or is it more than one? have you checked your fuel injectors? Have you checked exhaust back pressure? Have you checked for a vacuum leak? Checked your EGR valve? Did you do a compression check?

is it a light miss so that the engine shakes or is a hard miss that shakes the whole truck when driving?

the most important thing to diagnosing something that isn't right in front of me, is information. If I had the vehicle right in front of me, I would be able to see and hear the engine run. I might even test drive it to feel how it runs under a load. I would scan for cylinder misfires. Look at the fuel trims and the O2 sensors. I would put it on the scope and look at the firing pattern of the cylinders. But WITHOUT all of that I need as much information as you can give me to try and give you a direction to go in.

If you do have a particular cylinder that is misfiring you could pull individual spark wires off the distributor one at a time and then put them back on, to see which cylinder isn't hitting good. Then you could concentrate on that cylinder.

Good spark, fuel and compression are needed. Compression could be low from rings or a valve problem. Spark could be a plug, wire, cap, rotor or the distributor. Fuel could be fuel pressure, injector, vacuum leak or problem with the intake valve.
96 chevlet 4 wheel drive
I have a 96 chevelet when driveing it wont get over 26 mph and motor will rib up what can be wrong?
Re: 96 Chevy 4×4 truck
I have put the cailactic converters on it the 02 cenzers where unplug i plug them up and it will start up and run good just wont change gears after u take off and get up to 26 mph
Re: 96 Chevy 4×4 truck
you should look for codes in the engine and transmission to see if there is somewhere to start from there
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