driver side headlights dont work. wiring problem i think

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driver side headlights dont work. wiring problem i think

Unread post by Joshp » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:18 pm

I have a problem with my driver side headlights on my 2001 Silverado 1500. They have quit working. I got to checking the plugs with a test light and what I have found is that when my headlights are on dim the drivers side only the high beam has power and nothing on the low side. When I turn the high beams on there's power on the low side and not the high side. The plugs for the headlights are specific so I cant plug a low beam headlight into a high beam plug. Any help on this would be grateful and thanks.

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Re: driver side headlights dont work. wiring problem i think

Unread post by carriedi » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:20 pm

I don't understand what you trying to say. the high and low beam light both get power from the orange wire. The orange wire comes from the headlight fuse. There are two fuses. A left headlight fuse and a right headlight fuse. Both fuses are turned on with the headlight relay. The fuses and relay are all in the underhood fuse box. In order to check the plug in for the headlight (low or high) you should unplug the headlight connector. Both high and low beam have an orange wire. that should be battery power if the headlight circuit is on. The low beam grounds through the yellow wire. the high beam grounds through the purple wire. The problem on reading the wires with a test light is that the ground wires for headlight connects with the other side headlight. So if the orange wire does not have power check your fuse. When you go to check the ground side, if the headlight is on (the passenger side) it will show power coming from the passenger headlight because they share the same ground circuit. I don't know if I am explaining it so you understand.

1. check to see if you have battery voltage (+) on the orange wire with the headlight unplugged. If not, check your HDLP fuse.
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