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My 2003 Pontiac montana 3.4 v6 has a ignition delay problem.this morning,i got in,turned the key,and it started immediately.Five minutes later,after stopping for a few minutes,I turned the key and had to wait 35 seconds for the starter to kick in.This varies from 2 seconds to one and a half minutes.The fuel pump,filter and relay have all been changed,to no avail.Hot or cold,no matter.

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your igintion switch sends a signal to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and the PCM then sends a signal to your starter relay. The starter relay allows the starter solenoid to power up and get the starter going. you will need to check each part of those circuits to find out where the delay is.

Yellow wire out of the ignition switch that goes the the pcm/crank 10A fuse in the right side dash fuse box.
Purple wire from the fuse to pin 23, connector 2 in the pcm.

Yellow/black wire from the pcm (pin 76 connector 2) to the starter relay. This will be a ground wire that the pcm grounds to turn the relay on.

the relay should power up the purple wire that goes from the relay to the starter solenoid.

to find out where the problem is you should have each part or the starter system monitored to see where the delay is at. I use a box that has a bunch of led lights I can tie into each section and then I can see what lights up and when. Normal condition they will all go on at about the same time. Without checking all the parts of the circuit at the same time it will be difficult to see what is causing the delayed start.

you could just try a starter relay. Sometimes the relay will have a bad connection through the points that go from power to the starter solenoid.

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