ABS code c1233 impala

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ABS code c1233 impala

Unread post by jesg45 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:07 am

05' Chevy Impala. Have a code, current, C1233. What are the procedures to troubleshoot it?

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Re: ABS code c1233 impala

Unread post by carriedi » Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:34 pm

C1233 is set when the brake computer sees that the right front speed sensor is open or shorted. If you have the scanner that you read the code with, can it graph the sensors? What would be good is if you can graph the wheel speed sensors and see what data they show. Most likely, you won't have any right front signal. It could be a bad wheel bearing. (sensor is built into the bearing) It could be a break in the wheel speed sensor wiring. It's not uncommon for the harness that goes to the sensor to break where it is always bending when the vehicle goes over bumps and when turning.

If you see that you have no sensor signal for the R/F sensor, I would jack up the front of the car and unplug the wheel speed sensor wiring and use a volt meter in the sensor. Connect to the two prongs that go to the sensor and turn the wheel hub. you should see the rotation by spikes in voltage. The faster you turn the more you see the meter move. Check the right and left side. see if they both look the same when you turn them. If the left side looks normal (it should since you don't have a code for the left) does it look like the right side? If you don't have a signal from the right side then you probably need to replace the wheel bearing. If you replace the bearing I would go ahead and replace the wire harness for that sensor too. Since your there anyways.

If the right sensor looks good and matches the left side when you turn the hub, then plug the sensors back in and look at the scanner while the hub turns. Does it match what you saw when you measured the sensors? If you don't get the same signal at the computer that you got at the sensor then most likely you have a broken wire in the wire harness. The harness that connects to the wheel speed sensor is a wire that plugs into the sensor just goes from the sensor to the main harness. It doesn't go all the way to the computer. So it's not too bad to change. Just make sure that you run it the exact same as the old one comes out. This way it won't rub or chafe in other components.

Jacking up the vehicle: make sure the parking brake is on. Make sure you have safe jack stands under the vehicle. Be safe. Do not test the sensors with the engine running. Testing at the sensors is with the engine off key off. Testing the signal to the computer is with the key on and the engine off.

let me know what you find out.

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