06 Equinox - Window Rattles at 70 MPH

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06 Equinox - Window Rattles at 70 MPH

Unread post by tperk100 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:55 pm

Driver window rattles at frequency that almost sounds like a whistle at 65-70 MPH.....worse if wind is blowing. If I apply LOTS of pressure in one specific location I can stop it, but I cannot stuff a towel or anything between window and weatherstrip tight enough to stop it........cannot figure out what is doing this. Any ideas?

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Re: 06 Equinox - Window Rattles at 70 MPH

Unread post by carriedi » Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:24 am

what you're going to need to find out is what is actually causing the noise. Is it the window seal or is it the door seal? If you think it is the window seal, where on the window seal do you think it is coming from? Is the window seal not touching the glass good enough? Do you just need a new window seal molding?

the window track could be out of alignment down inside the door. The track that the window rides in goes down inside the door and is mounted to the door. I have seen where the spot weld that hold the window track to the door break loose and the window isn't held in the right position. They even rattle when you close the door.

some vehicles have a slotted hole where the window track mounts to the door so you can adjust the window track.

what makes this a tough problem is if it only happens at 70 mph, someone has to drive it at 70 mph to figure what is happening. Or if you know someone that has access to a wind tunnel...

Where do you press on the glass to make it stop rattling? Are you pushing out on the glass? Are you putting your finger between the glass and the upper window seal to push the glass against the seal? Are you pushing against the door where the door seal touches the body?

Is the window actually rattling or is it a real whistle from the wind getting through? You might see is someone you know has a stethoscope that you can take the end off so you have just the hose on it. Then you can hear the wind noise and trace it around where you hear hear the noise and pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Window molding. window seal at the bottom of the window and the door? Door seal?

If it is a wind noise getting through maybe someone could use a leaf blower from the outside and see where air is getting through.

Like I said before, problems that are speed related are difficult to test for. The conditions to duplicate the problem make it hard for a lot of places to check. A shop in a town may not have access to an area the can drive it 70 mph so how can they hear the noise. You may need someone with a stethoscope sitting behind you and have them listen to exactly the noise is coming from while you drive the car. I know it's a pain but if you can't pinpoint the source of the noise all you can do is replace parts until you get it right.

you can get a mechanic's stethoscope for less than $20 at most parts stores or places like Walmart.

good luck.
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