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2005 Chevy Uplander front blower problem.
I'm having a strange issue with my front blower. All was working fine, then one morning I get in and the front blower is completely dead. I checked the fuses and all was good there. The rear heat still works fine so at least there's still some heat in the van. Nothing for about three weeks, then one day I get in and the blower works again. It lasted for about three weeks until it stopped again. Another two weeks of nothing then it started working for a few days. Now it's back to not working. I know this has to be some kind of electrical problem. Any ideas?
Re: 2005 Chevy Uplander front blower problem.
the power and ground for the front blower motor come from the blower resistor. Next time the blower isn't working unplug the blower motor and see if you have power and ground. Sometimes you can tap on the bottom of the fan housing and see if the motor is stuck. If it turns on when you tap on it you should get a new blower.

Power for the blower comes through three fuses in the under hood fuse box. FRT BLWR HI (fuse 34 40A), FRT/BLWR (fuse 27 25A) and HVAC/RPA/CRUISE (fuse 17 10A) Don't think it will be a fuse because if they are bad they won't go back to working unless someone have replaced a fuse with a circuit breaker.

you need to look at the wires to the resistor and check for the signal from the controls to the resistor. Yellow for speed 1. Tan for speed 2. Light blue for speed 3. Purple for speed 4. Orange for speed 5. Check the circuit by unplugging the resistor and see if the wires from the controller are sending the signal to the resistor. other wires to the resistor are: Red -power out of the resistor to the blower, Black - ground for the resistor and the blower, Red sand black power all the time from the blower high fuse.

that's where you start you checking at.
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