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2010 camaro fan blower problems
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Author:  camaro [ Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:26 am ]
2010 camaro fan blower problems

i was wondering if you could help with a problem the dealer 2 separate ones havent been able to figure out. i have an intermittent ac/heater blower issue, sometimes they both work and sometimes neither works and it wont work on any speed or either setting. some days i start the car and both will work with zero issue it blows ice cold a/c and very hot with the heat at all speed settings. i have tried by switching it between speeds and temp setting while driving to no avail. other days i start the car both work just fine .2 separate chevy dealers and 8 hrs of labor and no idea whats wrong. maybe someone has experienced this problem and i can fix it or have it fixed if it is major

Author:  carriedi [ Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:01 pm ]
Re: 2010 camaro

the problem with finding a fix for your vehicle is the tech has to have the condition to be present in order to see what is actually happening. Some where you are losing signal from the HVAC control module, blower motor control module or power and ground to one of the components in the system.

Have a scanner check for codes in the system. There may be a code that can help narrow down where to look

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