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2005 Chevy Cavalier - Gas accumulation
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Author:  Gravescar [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:00 pm ]
2005 Chevy Cavalier - Gas accumulation

Symptom- Gas is accumulating in the air intake resonator box and the air hose that runs to the air filter.

In the pursuit of repairing this issue I have replaced the fuel filter, the air intake resonator box, 02 sensor, one MAP sensor, and the spark plugs. The air intake resonator box was replaced due to the nipple connecting it to the Pressure Control Valve being sheared off. The rest was replaced by a mechanic who assumed, these parts being faulty, as the cause to the symptom.

The accumulation after a day of very mild driving is a little over a cup of gas.

Author:  carriedi [ Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:29 pm ]
Re: 2005 Chevy Cavalier - Gas accumulation

can you post a picture of what you ate talking about? What pressure control valve are you talking about? Pressure for what? Are you talking about the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail? The regulator could have a damaged diaphragm and be leaking fuel into the vacuum line. But that would make the car run bad and hard start warm. Also that should go into the intake and not fill up the air intake tube. So without seeing how everything is hooked up and where all the vacuum line are running, I don't understand how fuel can get into the the intake resonator sines that is on the air intake before the throttle body.

Look at all the vacuum lines and intake air hoses and see if you can figure how fuel would get into the engine fresh air intake system.

Author:  Gravescar [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:24 am ]
Re: 2005 Chevy Cavalier - Gas accumulation

No picture yet, but the pressure control system from the valve cover is what I was talking about that was connecting to the air intake resonator box. The Cavalier's pressure control system is built into the valve cover with a system of chambers. Recently though after driving the car for awhile I checked under the hood and saw that where the fuel pressure regulator connects to the air intake system a lot of gas was all over the connection. I am assuming this is where my problem is, is causing the hard starts and flooding out of the car and also the build up of gas in the air intake system.

Author:  carriedi [ Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:16 am ]
Re: 2005 Chevy Cavalier - Gas accumulation

ok, I think you are talking about the PCV system You PCV valve has vacuum from the engine to pull air in. Most cars have the PCV valve in one side of the valve cover to pull crankcase gasses back into the engine and burn that gas in the cylinders. If you have a vacuum running into the valve cover you have to have fresh air coming in on the other side of the engine (vent tube) so you don't suck all your gaskets in. If your PCV valve gets too dirty or your engine has to much blow by on the crankcase you could get an oil build up through the vent tube.

On the fuel pressure regulator, The vacuum line going the the vacuum regulator should should be pulling on a diaphragm to adjust the pressure of the regulator. So, if you start the engine up and remove the rubber vacuum line to the regulator, there should be NO fuel coming out where the hose was hooked up to. It is a fairly common problem that the regulator leak fuel and it gets sucked up into the intake and make it very hard to start when warm. Run rich, flood out... but should run OK cold when the engine needs more fuel.

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