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hello I have a chevy impala 2001 that wont crank for about 15 minutes then cranks,and now the battery light come on with the coolant light and the car cut off any and every where.the alternator works and I have coolant .I change the water pump cause of a leak .I cant drive the car cause it cuts off on me .please help me I have talked to so many mechanics and my car is still siting for months ,tell me what to do thanks

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what year is your Impala and what engine?

you have to explain what you are have a problem with. What do you mean it won't crank for 15 minutes? and then cranks? Are you talking about the starter turning the engine over? Or are you talking about the engine starting up?

If the battery light comes on, it means the alternator is not charging or the engine has turned off. (stalled/died) the battery light comes on when there is a difference in voltage on either side ot the bulb. When the alternator charges it puts voltage one side of the bulb to counter the voltage on the other side of the bulb. Since both sides of the bulb have the same voltage current doesn't flow in either direction so the bulb won't turn on. It could be possible that the ignition switch side of the light bulb is not working correctly... How do you know the alternator is working? are you getting 13.8 to 14.2 volts charging the battery? Is the battery light coming on while the alternator is charging the battery at the 13.8 to 14.2 volts?

coolant light, is it the coolant level light? you could be low on coolant or the float in the reservoir is stuck or it sank. If you have a sesnor in the radiator for the light the sensor could be bad.

so, when you go to start your car, you turn the key to the start position and the engine should crank over (starter turn the engine over) When it cranks over there should be fuel (fuel pressure and injector pulse) and spark. When you have compression, spark at the correct time and the correct fuel mixture, the engine should start and run. Once the engine is running, how long will it run before it dies? Seconds? Minutes? Can you put it in drive and get it to move? How far does it go?

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