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Noise in front end when turning
I have a 2007 Chevy Impala and it recently started making a rubbing/grinding noise in the front passenger side when turning the wheel. It does not do this when I am driving, just turning. Could it be wheel bearings or maybe CV joints?
Re: Noise in front end when turning
you make it difficult to follow. "It does not do this when I am driving, just turning" so, do you mean that it only makes the noise when the car is sitting still and you turn the wheel back in forth? Or, do you mean it doesn't make the noise when driving straight but makes the noise when driving and turning?
Re: Noise in front end when turning
It does not make the noise when driving straight. Sorry, forgot to add that word.

Re: Noise in front end when turning
ok, so it makes the noise when driving and turning...

A grinding noise when turning could be a bearing that has gotten so bad that the rotor doesn't stand up when turning. Could also be something with the brakes. Could be the wheel rubbing... you should jack up the wheel that makes the noise from under the control. See if there is any play in the wheel. top to bottom and side to side. Take the wheel off and see if you can find anything that shows signs of rubbing or grinding.

without hearing the noise myself it is difficult to say what it could be. Usually a wheel bearing will make a rumbling noise that follows the speed of the wheel rotation when they start to go bad. that noise gets louder as time goes on. Usually noticeable at speeds of 35 mph and higher until they get really bad and you can hear it all the time. Then the bearing gets so bad the the rotor will start to lean and might scrape on the caliper bracket. But. it's normally very loud by then...
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