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I have a 2010 Chevy Camaro RS... just turned over 20,000 miles. I brought the car in to have an oil change (not a Chevy dealer) and the mechanic said that the car brakes, front and back on the drivers side were at a 2 mm, almost nothing left, however the passenger side front and back were almost full. Two extreme differences. So I immediately called, the dealer only to learn that they could not schedule me for service for over a month, even knowing the condition of what I now call "Piece of crap / lemon car", with brakes that are clearly a danger on the road.

Several mechanics and people who drive Chevy's have said that my brake scenario is very unusual for any car make and is most likely a manufacturer defect, or when my car was smashed into by another driver, Chevy's body shop did the repair and possibly did not repair the frame properly, hence the brake situation.

Any insight / expertise would be appreciated.

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if you have not noticed a problem with your braking (no pull to one side or the other when braking)It would stand to reason the it is not a problem under braking but more likely the calipers are dragging a little bit. That would mean not releasing all the way when you let off the brake pedal. Without an inspection of the braking system it's difficult to say what might be the cause.

there are two pads in a set of disc brakes for each side. Do you know if just one of the pads was worn or were both pads on that caliper worn. That could tell you if the piston or the slide is part of the problem.

I hope you scheduled your car in for the dealer to look at the problem. With only 20K miles you might be able to have it looked at under warranty. Make sure that the write down what they find and what you are having them look at.

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