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Help,,i have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 litre K motor(non supercharged) .I have been having a problem with a chugging on start up for a few months now. It usually happens after I've been out in the car ,not on a cold start. It shakes the whole car, and it can happen every time I restart when on errands. It goes away as soon as I accelerate. My partner is a mechanic. He says its not the catalytic converter because of no rotten egg smell. He has spark plugs, cleaned injectors, replaced twice the IAC valve, replaced the upper intake (which WAS leaking coolant), replaced oxygen sensor, and I filled car with the highest grade gas on a 5 hour trip to try and burn off carbon. Need to figure this out before the cold weather comes, as it will probably make things even worse. He has hooked it up to a computer, it reads misfire. Any ideas would be extremely appreciated !! Thank You ..

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you may want to check your 3800 fuel pressure regulator for a leak through the diaphragm. Cold, your engine needs more fuel. Warm, your car doesn't need as much fuel and too much fuel will flood cylinders. (Rotten egg smell means your catalytic converter is working. It also would mean your are running rich. not a sign of converter being bad)

you will need to watch the misfire counter to see what cylinders are misfiring when your car is running bad. Is it always certain ones or is it random, or all of them. Is it tied to certain cylinders that are tied together at the coil packs? Spark plug wires could be shorting too. See what the fuel trims are when the car is acting up. There are so many thing that can interrupt normal performance. Watching what your computer sees and how it is reacting is one of the best things you can do to diagnose what is happening.

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Yes, I agree. The fuel pressure regulator is the most likely cause. When they leak, fuel gets into the intake and causes a very rich condition, that is why it goes away if you rev the engine a few times.
3800 fuel pressure regulator

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Thank you for your recommendations !! Ill let you know if they help the chugging,i just want this problem to be fixed !! :x

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