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Have a 2009 Equinox.First problems was the check engine light came on and the radio would not come on and the chime for the ignition switch would not sound.Code was po171 O2 sensor.While attempting to correct these problems a service traction control and service stabilitrak started to flash on the instrument panel.Vehicle does not want to move forward and that is due (I think)to the brakes applying because of the traction control and stabilitrak.It will move just fine in reverse.Codes now are circuit low.P0700-Trans control sys.malfunction.P0171-system too lean bank 1.
Disconnected the Battery and now the radio and ignition switch chimes are working again. :D Codes will clear but come right back. :roll:I guess it will go to the dealer.It will have to be hauled I guess.
Any thoughts on this anyone? Thanks LT.

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You have couple different issues going on there. I doubt the ignition switch code and trouble with the radio and chime have anything to do with the engine light and/or stabilitrak lights. The ignition switch is the most common cause of the radio not coming on, which would in turn affect the chime not working. Replace the switch and that should take care of those issues.

As for the check engine light, the lean code P0171 means the engine is not getting enough fuel as compared to air/fuel ratio. This is most commonly caused by a vacuum leak or something that has come off in the intake system. Check the air filter housing and tubing for proper fit, check to make sure the oil cap is tight, and check to make sure the vent tube on the back valve cover is attached to the valve cover. These sometimes come off and cause this code to set.

The P0700 is a general trans code that usually sets when there is an engine light on. The same goes for the stabilitrak lights. The problem with it not moving forward could be something else entirely, either an internal transmission problem or electrical issue (possibly caused by a faulty ignition switch).

Lots of things to check here and fix...good luck!

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I'm thinking your right about the ignition switch.Code P2534 points to that also.There was a P151C code that I forgot to mention.Don't know what that is.I will check the things you said on the P0171 code.Thanks.Leroy

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