Radio, power windows, locks, interior lights all stopped working

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Radio, power windows, locks, interior lights all stopped working

Unread post by Farmer » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:05 pm

Hi all, New to this site. I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with an electrical problem. I was riding in the car with the wife driving and the radio quit working. I opened the fuse panel in the glove box to check the fuse and was pressing on the panel and the radio came back on.. All was fine until the next day when I got gas. After filling the tank and starting the car, the door chime, radio, interior lights, power windows and locks, (key fob would open trunk but not the doors ??) display in the rear view mirror all stopped working. The SRS light stayed on and the security light started flashing. Checked all of the fuses under the hood and all were fine with 12 volts. Also checked the fuses in the glove box and all checked out good except the radio fuse had "0" volts on both terminals. I checked for worn wiring but could not really see much. There were two gray relays behind the glove box of which I pulled out & tested with 12 volts to see if they would work. They both would click. I reinstalled the relays & checked for voltage at the primary coil for the relay of which 0 volts was measured for both relays. This tells me that they are not getting a signal. I do not have a wiring diagram or a teck II scanner. There were no MIL codes on the OBd scanner. Any thoughts?

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Re: Radio, power windows, locks, interior lights all stopped working

Unread post by carriedi » Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:58 pm

Check the power out of the accessory time delay relay (dark blue wire that goes to the fuses for power windows, radio, radio and steering wheel circuits. Check for power into the relay from the red wire. It powers up from the IGN MAIN 1 (60A fuse underhood fuse block) The relay is turned on by the body control module grounding the orange wire to the relay letting power go through from the red wire to the dark blue wire.

those are all "key on" circuits. the door locks are power all the time and use PWR LOCK fuse (15A) in the instrument fuse box.

the only thing I see that affects those things is the body control module. You should have the vehicle's BCM scanned and see if it communicates with the scanner. See if there are bidirectional controls to activate the door locks and the delay relay. Or just unplug it and plug it back on and see if that changes anything.

you said the the fuse for the radio didn't have any battery voltage at the fuse. you could use a fused jumper and put power to that fuse and see if that powers up the radio, the interior lights and the power windows. If you use the power windows just see if the move. don't run them all the way up and down. They use a lot of power and may start to burn your jumper or other things in the wiring. Just hit the up or down button and see if they start to move. That's enough to tell you they're working. If that works then the relay is bad or the BCM isn't turning the relay on.

things to check.

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