Engine stalling

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Engine stalling

Unread post by FrustratedPrixowner » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:26 pm

Driving thru a drivethru and my 07 Grand Prix stalled had to wait about 2 minutes to restart. Did it again as I left a store after I pulled out of parking lot it stalled again, again waited 2 minutes and car restarted. Got home and later took to a parts store, they put scanner on it and it came back with these codes C0240, P0606, P601 and U0107. Replaced Throttle body. bought a OBDII. That wasn't the problem. Have checked fuses, battery, altinator, MAF, Now we believe believe it's the PCM/ECM. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what was the outcome? This is getting expensive.

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Re: Engine stalling

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:04 pm

verify that you have good grounds for the pcm. good clean and tight ground connections are needed to control all the circuits. If the grounds connections are all good, wiggle the ground wires to make sure there is no broken wires inside the insulation.

a scanner with the ability to view the data stream would help a lot. You could watch the voltages to see if they change. If all the powers and grounds are good and there isn't any wires rubbed through the codes indicate that the pcm could be your problem as you suspected. A new pcm and a reflash would be needed to fix that.

I have had some cases where a battery reset has taken care of a similar problem. I have had some cases that the abs modules was tied to the problem. Disconnecting the abs module made it so it ran okay only no traction control or abs braking but then when we plugged back in all was well. Sometimes you just need a reboot...

Having a very low battery and trying to start the engine will make the voltage drop too much and affect all sorts of circuits that not work with those voltages. The worst part is when someone asks you for a jump. ALWAYS SAY NO!!! They won't pay for the damage when they screw your car up. And, it gets very expensive when they either shock your electrical system by a sudden overload or hook up the cables backwards and short the whole system. Just saying because many times when I have seen computer problems it was after someone gave a jump from their car. If you want to be nice and help people out buy a jump box and keep it in your car or truck. Could even come in handy when you need a jump. But stay away from jumper cables. You could end up with two cars that need assistance.
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