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Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp recently installed a kenwood double din. The first person really screwe. Up cut factory wiring plug. I had it resolved and put on. I used the Wal-Mart interface with chimes. Stereo works, but I lose the gauges , fuel, tach and temp. They will come back on and go off. Car is running fine. What is causing this.
Re: Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
wow, that's going to be a tough one. You will have to verify every wire that used to go to the radio. you will probably need to remove the radio and see if the dash works normally with the radio disconnected from the wire harness. If the dash works fine with the radio removed you will have to go through and check the radio wiring diagram and check it against the car wiring. If the dash still acts up you will have to go and check what wires were cut and how they were put back together.

you could use a scanner and scan the dash for codes. you could also look at the dash data stream. See if you can see what is happening when it turns on and off.
Re: Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
Great. I Do know that I had the stereo off and the dic still shut down and came back on. I need the diagram coming from the car to the plug that was cut and spliced back on.
Re: Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
here is the radio without satellite and without factory amp.
radio top.jpg
radio top.jpg (188.6 KiB) Viewed 2751 times
radio bottom.jpg
radio bottom.jpg (164.16 KiB) Viewed 2751 times
Re: Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
Thank You! If you have it, could you post the diagram from the car? The Factory plug? With so many being cut as short as they were. like the green wires i believe, I wonder if it is that plug that was spliced back in. Can I go to a junk yard and cut one with wires long enough to splice? Replacing the entire wiring system sounds like more than I can afford.Before I found the plug, it was hard wired. The DIC was working correctly. The correct diagram for it would be great, especially if it has to be hard wired again.
Re: Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
the wiring diagram shows the connectors. pins A1 to B12 are in C1 (connector one) A through M are in C2 (connector2)

many radio manufacturers make a wiring harness adapter so you can plug into the factory harness without any splicing.
Re: Pontiac Grand Prix gauges stop
My temp gauge stopped working today. I went through a couple forums and did the most simple thing that worked for one of the people that had this issue. That is simply disconnect the battery and clean the terminals. I'm not that much of a car guy but long ago when i installed a system in my car i noticed that corrosion was forming on my battery. That and it would dim my lights. The deck you installed may be taking just enough extra power to cause agauge issue. Give it a shot is free and simple attempt. Disconnect battery (i had mine off for 30min) clean terminals and cross your fingers.
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