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I have a 1996 Grand Am, and after driving it for a while, then parking for about 15 minutes, when I start it up it run kinda rough. After doing it a few times i will finally stall, and I have to wait over night for it to start up again normally. My mechanic says it might be the throttle control sensor or/and the idle air control valve. But he wants to catch it in the act before making the repairs.

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could be a fuel pump going out too. Just like when a starter goes bad, sometimes, before it completely goes out, it will start but not normally. It might just click a few times before it starts up. Or, the starter may drag before it starts up. Then one day it just doesn't work anymore.

But, like your mechanic said, it needs to be checked when it is acting up. If it's not acting, more than likely, there won't be any information that will tell you what happened when it was acting up. Did the check engine light ever come on? Did you have the engine scanned? scanning for one time codes or pending codes might show something even if a hard code was not set. Mode 6 might also show something. But, more than likely, you will need to have someone look at it when it is acting up to see what the engine is reacting to.

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Did you find out the problem? If it's the fuel pump, that really is not a hard do it yourself job. Did they check the thermostat? or you can check the idle air control valve and that's easy to check yourself.

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