1996 Pontiac Grand Am se 3.1 High Idle

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Re: 1996 Pontiac Grand Am se 3.1 High Idle

Unread post by ProTech » Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:34 pm

I really doubt it is the pigtail unless you can see something physically wrong with it, like a broken wire or a terminal that is bad, or corroded. The code you come up with can be related to a couple different things. First off, if you replaced the EGR valve with an aftermarket unit from a parts store, you may want to consider using genuine GM parts. You could have a crap EGR valve and just be setting the same code. Or, possibly the PCM is bad and setting the code for no reason. Or, possibly there is a wiring concern somewhere between the EGR and PCM. Any of this requires some detailed diagnosis and special tools.

Another thing you may want to consider, if the EGR port is clogged, or you have a piece of carbon in the new EGR valve, that can give you the same trouble codes and a possible high idle. Sometimes if the port is clogged bad enough, the entire upper plenum needs to be replaced to correct this. You should really get it checked out by a professional so you don't keep wasting money and time.
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