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My son has a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cylinder. It runs great, though he doesn't drive it much. About 3 months ago I replaced the battery. A week ago I took it for NY inspection and it failed for having 2 monitors "not ready". I have driven it about 350 miles since then & tried as best I could to do the drive cycle but nothing has worked. I know it is an old car but it runs great. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? It has 117189 miles on it as of today. Is there something else I should do? So far I have spent $54.00 on inspection costs & used up at least 20 gallons of gas. Thanks!

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the drive cycle to reset all the monitors gets complicated. It includes moderate acceleration to 55 mph and maintaining that speed until the engine warms to normal operating temperature. So, this may be from 8 to 10 minutes depending on the start up coolant temperature. Then you have to continue driving for another 6 minutes.

then you have to let it slow down to 45 mph and maintain 45 mph for another minute.

then it wants you to do 4 decels from 45 mph. It wants the decels to last 25 seconds, throttle closed, no brake pedal usage, no downshifting, and the speed to not go below 25 mph.

raise the speed back up to 45 mph and have it there for 15 seconds.

then, that's right there's more..., accelerate at part throttle up to 45 to 55 mph. keep this speed up for 2 minutes. decel down to 0 and idle at a stop for 2 minutes. Yes, use the brake, keep the trans in drive (automatic trans)

then scan the vehicle and see if all the monitors are complete. They should either be reset or there may be a code stored for a problem. If there are no codes but it still does not have all the monitors complete you may have to do it all over again.

Normal driving over time will usually reset all the monitors. the thing is that you have to drive the car. you have to drive it from being cold to completely warmed up. drive it warmed up at highway speeds and decells. Drives and stops. You can't just occasionally drive it and not let it get completely get warmed up and drive around all warmed up and get it to do the testing the computer does. Especially in the winter.

I don't know about your state but some states will let you get a temp permit so you can drive until you can get the emissions to complete their cycle.

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