1998 pontiac bonneville security light flashing

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1998 pontiac bonneville security light flashing

Unread post by Guest » Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:16 pm

Hello I have a 1998 pontiac bonneville and it isn't starting. It has a brand new starter and the battery if charger around 700. The security light is flashing constantly whenever I place the key in the run position but it doesn't do anything else. I tried doing the 10 min on run than 5 second off and repeating 2 more times like I was told but it didn't do anything. Is their any way to fix it or does it have to be took to a mechanic.

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Re: 1998 pontiac bonneville security light flashing

Unread post by carriedi » Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:59 pm

when you are doing your 10 minute reset procedure does the security light go out? That's what you are waiting the 10 minutes for. If the system is operational, the security light should stop blinking and turn off after 10 minutes. If it is still blinking after the 10 minutes then it did not reset.

do you have another key you can try the reset with? your resistor pellet may be bad. see is another key works.

A common problem is that the wiring has a break. The theft deterrent module has two wires that go to the ignition switch lock cylinder. 1. white and black 1. purple and white. they send current though and the resistor in the key reduces the voltage and that voltage reading is what the deterrent module is looking for. Using a TECH2 scanner and looking at the security information will let you see the voltage through the key. It will tell you id the current is going through or if the circuit is open. If it read open then you will need to verify the wiring to and from the module and the lock cylinder.

If you have an Ohm meter you can measure the resistor in your key. Find the resistance and check all your other keys. they should all have the same resistance. If they are all the same then look at the wiring. If they are different try the other keys.

if you do not want to take it to as shop you could find the theft module and unplug the wire connector and measure the resistance where the purple/white and the white/black wire with the key in the run position. That would be doing the same thing that the module is doing. (Module is behind the glove box) Or unplug the module and measure Ohms at the wires coming out of the lock cylinder at the steering column connector. measure with the key out (should read open) and when the key is in. If you measured the pellet resistance then you should get a very close resistance at the wiring connector. If you don't you may need a new lock cylinder.

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