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bleed off my coolant bubbles with snapped off air bleed screw tightened in and dont leak , my mistake righty tighty, however can I squeeze the radiator hoses to burp out the system run it hot cap off and ad more Dex Coolant as it goes down? any suggestions will help me.

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make, model, engine size... the more complete information you give will help figure what fix would be needed.

I am not sure what you are asking for help on. Do you want to know what to do because you believe you still need to bleed the system? Can you drill and extract the bleeder? if the bleeder on your car has a coolant line that goes to another part of the engine? If it does you can loosen the fitting on the end of that line to bleed air.

why are you bleeding the cooling system? Why would there be air in the system?How do you know there are bubbles in the system if you broke the bleeder off? Where do you see the bubbles?

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