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2002 Ranger 3.0 v6. Starter engaged and would not shut off. Had to disconnect battery cables to shut the truck down.
I have,
1- Changed ignition switch No change Starter starts with key off when battery connected
2- Removed and had starter and solenoid checked at Autozone (Passed)
3- Removed starter relay from engine fuse compartment
4- swapped Relays around
5- Put test light between ground cable and neg on battery. Light comes on, solenoid clicks
a= Tried this while each fuse was removed. Same result

What's next to try

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do you have a starter relay like this on the side of your engine compartment? If you do, this would be your starter relay. It should have two small terminals and two big terminals.One of the big terminals goes to the positive battery terminal. If you have a test light, connect the clamp end to the negative battery post. You should have a light on when you touch it to the starter relay terminal that is connected to the battery. Test the big terminal on the other side of the relay. it should not light up your test light. If it does light up the relay is bad. It should only light up when the key is in the start position.

there are two small wires that connect to that style starter relay. One marked "S" and one marked "I" Disconnect the one marked with the "S". That is the wire that goes to your ignition switch. It should have a yellow and light blue wire. With that disconnected, does it still try to start? If it does, the relay is bad.

If you do not have a starter relay like in the picture you may have one in your underhood fuse panel. If you know which relay it is, remove it. will the engine still crank over when you connect your battery? If the engine still trys to start when you connect your battery you have a short to power for the starter solenoid wire or you have a short to ground in the dark blue and orange wire that goes to your PCM, (or you could have a bad PCM that is grounding your starter relay)

things to check...

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