1998 Buick lesabre tranny problem help

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1998 Buick lesabre tranny problem help

Unread post by kc224336 » Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:35 am

My trans. fluid and filter have not been changed in about 50K miles. Daily driver. Yesterday, I put car in drive, and nothing happened. Put car in reverse and nothing happened. Put car in park again, then back into reverse..Drove fine.
Today, car sounds like it is not shifting up enough. Running in lower gear. Car has 180K on it. 3800 engine.

Should we drain fluid, change filter, and add seafoam, which someone recommended?
How much trainy fluid do I use?

HELP PLEASE!!! I am broke, and do not want to take '68 Electra Convertible out of storage!


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Re: 1998 Buick lesabre tranny problem help

Unread post by carriedi » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:31 pm

at 180k miles on the original trans it might be that the trans is wearing out. Before you do anything you might want to check the fluid level, look at the color and smell the fluid to see if it smells burned. Changing the fluid and filter are maintenance. Just like changing the engine oil. It helps to keep everything clean and lubricated. It doesn't usually fix anything. Yes if your filter is getting plugged up it could cause some problems but you have to think, What is it getting plugged with?

If the fluid doesn't smell burned, or look black in color and the fluid level is withing the range on the dip stick I would have the trans scanned to see what it is doing while driving down the road. Look at the TCC and gearing and when does it go into lockup. You should talk to a trans shop and maybe have them go on a test drive with you so you can show them when it acts up and get their opinion.
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