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I have a 99 buick lesabre im replacing struts on I have the tires off and have loosed the nutss for the bottem of the strut heres the problem the nuts are like so rusted its welded themselves to the strut lol I sprayed penetrating oil on it the new wd40 kind and hit the top bolt with a 2lb hammer nothing second problem I cant get the hammer in to hit the bottem bolt 3 rd problem its so tight at the strut tower in the trunk I cant get to the bolt I can fit my hand and a rachet but cant seem to find a socket to fit into the small hole in the tower I need help before tomorrow

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first of all, it may be easier to remove the two 13mm bolts on either side of the big hole at the top of the strut. then you cat remove the big nut in the center outside of the car. Be very sure that the lower control arm is supported such that the spring is compressed so the strut is not loaded (under pressure)

the bolts at the bottom of the strut do get rusted in. Have you tried to turn the bolts? Sometimes trying to turn the bolts will get them freed up so you can hammer them out. If you can't hammer them out (making sure you don't damage the end or the threads) you could use an air hammer with a wide flat bit that looks a little like hammer face to push them out. There is also an inductive tool that can go over the bolt and heat them up called the mini-inductor. It will get the bolts really hot without using any flame and that could free the bolts. If your car has the air ride make sure you let the air out of the struts.

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