I have a code thats been on for a while now its a p0410. Secondary air injection pump.Do I need
to replace the pump and the valve Yes on a 04 trailblazer with a 4.2 engine

Most of the time is it the valve on the side of the engine. But we have also seen pumps go bad
from sucking in water. You need to find out if the pump is working.

Because I whistling noise at one time .An thats when the light came on.I got it checked out. An the
code P0410 code came on.
(10:52:05 AM) unknown #7198: How do i find that out?

A whistling may be the pump not functioning properly You need a scanner to turn the pump on to
see if it actually is pumping air.

AutoZone to put the scanner on it

Yes. The low tech scanners can read codes, but you need a more advanced scanner to actually
control the different systems.

The info that came out said: to check circuit relay defective or fuse open,check connector and
wiring,and Air pump defective or hoses blocked.

Yes. If the pump is  not working, then first thing would be to check the fuses. If you have no way to
check operation, then go ahead and check all the fuses. If one is blown, that is most likely caused
by a bad pump. But, the vales are more common.

Can you tell me what the temperature should be for a recharge for an '04 chevy trailblazer? Air
conditioner just doesn't seem cold enough.

What do you mean by temperature. Do you need to know what the temp coming our of the vents
should be, or the correct pressures, etc ?

The temperature coming out of the vents.

That depends on the outside temperature and humidity. A good rule of thumb is about 40-45 F on
a 90 degree day with low humidity and engine speed at about 2K RPM.

We are about 60F it's humid and about 91 degrees. How many pounds of HG should we be at?

Low side pressure at 2K should be around 35-40 PSI, high side around 250-300 PSI.
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Chevy Trailblazer Air Injection Pump- A/C Not Cold