Chevy Malibu Gauges Cluster And Warning Lights

I removed the factory stereo, replaced it right away, and now the red blinking light on the stereo doesn't blink. The fuel gauge doesn't work, neither does the temp gauge, auto headlights, and I think the ac quit cooling. The stereo quits when engine is running but comes on when engine turns off. Whats the deal? 2003 Chevy Malibu. No Trouble codes known. Repair done prior = I removed the factory stereo. Plugged in an interface adapter, and after market stereo. I decided against the swap right away, and replaced the factory stereo!

Thank you for the tip/donation. OK. I will need some more info, and need you to check a couple things first. First, why did you switch the factory radio right away. Did the aftermarket radio work at all, or did you even turn the key on to try it. If you did turn key on, did you notice if any of the problems you described where there with the after market radio in and turned on? I assume the after market adapter is no longer attached.

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There are a lot of wires behind the radio that go to ignition switch, and the gauges cluster. Be sure to check all of the fuses. Rt. side of dash fuse block, lf. side fuse block, underhood fuse block. Check all fuses with a test light with the key on and make sure none are blown. If the factory radio is bolted back in the dash, pull it out, keep all wiring attached. Disconnect battery for a minute or so, then re-connect battery and start car and see if any symptoms change. This may sound like allot to do, but there are some very odd things happening, and i need to get this info to help.

I will wait for your reply, then i can get more in depth with schematics to find out what happened. Once again, thank you for your tip/donation. I will do my best to get this straightened out.

THANK YOU! I will go over these things tomorrow. I work nights and my time is cramped, but I will manage. When I put in after market stereo and turned on the key, It just lit up and I couldn't get it to work right. After paying money for the adapter and the stereo, I was frustrated, so I changed it back. When I first hooked it up I didn't disconnect the battery, and it blew the fuse for the stereo.

Everything is back like it should be except for a missing fuse in the cruise control slot. I used it to replace the stereo fuse. 10 amp. I will check the other fuses tomorrow. The small red light that usually blinks on the stereo is no longer blinking.

Car runs fine, but my gas and temperature gauge stays dead most of the time, and works once in a while... Any ideas? 2000 Chevy Malibu V6 Check Engine Light and Service Vehicle Soon Light.

Seems like you have an instrument cluster problem. They have been known to act funny and have trouble on the Malibu's. You may have other concerns if the check engine light and service vehicle soon light are on.

I would get that looked into first, since it's possible that you could have set codes for the fuel level sensor and engine coolant temperature sensor and that could be why they gauges don't work too. I'm betting it's a cluster, but better to be safe than sorry. If you do need a new cluster, you'll have to get one through a GM dealership and it may need to be programmed as well.

Battery light came on, replaced it along with the alternator- picked up the car and the gas needle was BELOW the pin where the empty icon is on the dash and is stuck there. Cant see how much gas is in the car as the pin is stuck.. How can we move the gas needle back? 1998 Chevy Malibu.2.2: Ecotec 4cyl. Battery light was on. Alternator was replaced along with a new battery.

Normally when this happens, you can use a thin stiff wire, insert it into and behind the cluster lens from the hole for the trip odometer button, and move the needle back to position. It may take a little working at it, and if the needle hits the temp gauge needle, you can still push it past. If this fails, the only other way to move it is to remove the cluster, and turn it upside down slowly as the needle moves back to position.

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