1997 Chevy Camaro.
Warning lights =
Security light - intermittent. Cleaned key.
Question = Is it possible to disable the security system on my 1997 Camaro I believe there is a
short in the wiring causing my light to go on and off at times. This also is not allowing the car to
start when light is on I would like to bypass the ignition security if possible by splicing the
necessary wires.

The chip in the key is just a resistor. You can use a ohm meter to check the  resistance of your
chip, then purchase a resistor of same value and  splice it into the harness at the bottom of the
steering column. Small orange  harness with 2 very small white wires.
2002 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Engine size: 5.7 V8. Rebuild on engine.
Question: Rebuilt engine. Went to hookup battery to do a start and the battery is arching like crazy.
Any ideas?
Something is hooked up incorrectly, or backwards to cause the arcing at the battery. Check to make
sure all connections are correct at the starter, alternator, fuse box, etc. Check the ground cable and
make sure it is hooked up right and is tight. Check any sensors that you changed, and trace the
entire engine harness to make sure it isn't pinched or shorted out. If you've had excessive arcing, you
may have popped one or more fuses, so check all of the fuses and circuit breakers as well.
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1997 Chevy Camaro Security Key Probem