Steering Problem with my 2009 Chevy Malibu
I have a clunking noise in the front end and the steering. It happens when i am turning slowly like
in a parking lot. Going forward gear or backwards does not change the sound. When i am driving
and going around a corner or just pulling into my driveway i hear the noise also.
Start the car and turn the wheel back and forth makes the clunk very loud.

I have read a lot about an intermediate steering shaft on older models Malibu like 2004, 2006 and
other cars GM makes.
Could this be the same problem i have with my 2009.

Many other people have had this problem and wonder if there is a recall or something. Thanks for
all your help to my question.
Yes, this is  very common problem in the power steering of many Malibu's and other cars.
The intermediate steering shaft is the most common problem.

Other GM models like Pontiac and Buick also have a steering clunk.
The older ones have had the intermediate steering shaft redesigned several times. Many service
bulletins - TSB.

First repair we had to do was lube the shaft. This was on the 20000-2004 cars. Then later we had to
replace them with a new part number.

Next a bulletin said to lube it. Went back and forth for several years.
On the 2009 there is a bulletin to check which style steering shaft is in the car to determine what
repair to may. Replacement of shaft for one style, lube for another.

There is no recalls on the problem.
You would need to take your 2009 to the dealer and have them inspect to see what repair is needed.
This would be under factory warranty.
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Chevy Malibu Steering Clunk Recall Information