1999 Chevy Impala 3800.
Check engine. Checked to see if everything was plugged in knock sensor ect.
Question = Helping a friend with his car, somebody replace the motor then right after that the
transmission did not shift at all.I change the motor again because the one they put in was junk. It is
good in drive and good Reverse. Tried manual shifting no luck on any shifts. I believe I got it to
shift one time manually shifting from first to second possibly. Checked and recheck all
spark plugs,
also checked all

Answer: Not sure what the problem with your Impala is. You say after the first motor was replaced
the transmission did not shift at all. Then you replaced the motor again, and now it is good in drive
and reverse. Is this the same condition? Do you mean it wont upshift by itself? But, you say it is
fine in drive and reverse.

If you mean that when you put the transmission into low 1, it will not shift when you go to low 2 then
overdrive, then drive, that would have nothing to do with an engine replacement. That problem
would also have nothing to do with electrical plugs or anything else electrically inside the

Not being able to manually shift it means there is a mechanical problem inside the transmission.
Possibly a valve body problem with a stuck manual valve or some other component like a
low/reverse roller clutch.

1999 Chevy Impala Trans Won't Move After Engine Replaced
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Engine question.

Mechanic: Go ahead.

I Just bought a 2004 Chevy Impala SS. When in park if I rev the engine it act like rev limiter a about 4000 rpm.
Thanks for taking my question. I have gone over everything I can, wires, plugs, air filter etc. doesn't do this in
drive. Is this normal for these cars?

Yes, this is a rev limiter. It only limits RPM in park and i believe neutral too.

Ok, great. I just went for a test drive to confirm. Rev limiter in park and neutral. When car is rolling, no rev limiter in
neutral. Thanks for the help. My first Chevy. Have Toyota and  older ford. Thanks again!