Chevrolet Impala Has No Odometer Or Gearshift Lights

2000 Chevy Impala. Engine size = v6 3400.
Done to repair this problem = none just checked all fuses and electrical harness.
i have an intermittent issue with the odometer and gear shift selector lights going out it is a digital read out and some times it just goes blank. I can not see anything else wrong all gauges and dash lites continue to work it is just the mileage read out and gear selection digital read out that goes blank.

Let me look through a few schematics and get back to you... When these 2 problems started, did they seem to start at about the same time? When the conditions occur, do they occur at the same time?

The common thing between these 2 is the PCM. The PCM sends the data to the cluster. The PCM gets the shifter info from the range switch, the Odometer gets its data also from the PCM as indicated by the vehicle speed sensor.

The IPC calculates Odometer readings. Try tapping on the top of the dash with the key on to see if you can get it to act up, or correct itself if it is acting up now. It would seem most likely problem is an internal problem in the IPC, since the IPC displays the data it gets from the PCM- from 2 different sensors. The PCM has nothing to do with the actual lighting up of the indicators.

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Yes they happen at the same time. The odometer continues to add up the mileage when the lights are out and it happens when you first start the car and remains off for the trip. The next day or next time you start the car it comes back on.

OK. Then this does sound like the IPC is the problem. That is as long as you do not have any other problems with interior lights. Meaning backlighting dimming of the radio, a/c controls, etc. If those did not work, then basically the display is dimmed all the way down to nothing so you cant see it. Turn headlights on and control the dimming of these lights to make sure they work when the cluster problem exists.

If lights ok, then the cluster would need to be replaced or repaired. If replaced, it would need to be programmed. Expect to pay 1 hr. labor at dealer for removal, replace, and reprogram, Plus cost of cluster / repair.

Removal of IPC is just removing that large panel as you did for the last repair, then removing the 4 screws at the 4 corners of the cluster.

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