Chevy Impala Making A Whinning Noise

My 2001 Chevy Impala 3.8L V6 is making a loud whining noise , almost roaring noise when I’m driving. As I accelerate, the whining gets louder. It seems to be shifting fine. I replaced the transmission in 2006 with a USED one (not rebuilt) from a junk yard and a friend installed it in the driveway.

It has run just fine ever since until this problem. The transmission has not been serviced since it was installed. I’ve been told that the whining noise could be caused by the transmission fluid filter being clogged. I lost my job 2 years ago and my husband is disabled. I can’t afford to buy the filter, gasket and 8 quarts of transmission fluid (about $80) if the problem is more serious and replacing the filter would be a waste of time and money. BTW: I don’t know if this is related or not but my A/C stopped getting cold right around the same time the noise started. Probably totally unrelated but I thought I’d mention it.

Can somebody help me, please? I have to have my car!! Thanks very much and God bless! Stephanie.

Since it seems to be shifting fine, you may not have a transmission problem at all. I'm glad you mentioned the A/C problem as that could definitely be a cause of a whine noise. The power steering system, when low on fluid or a faulty component, can also make a loud whine noise as you accelerate.

Yes, it could still be the transmission, and if the fluid is low, or the filter is clogged, or even a failing part inside it can make noise. Since money is tight, I would not recommend trying parts or guessing at what it could be. You might want to take that money to get it diagnosed at a shop to see what it really is. That would be money better spent, and hopefully it would be something simple to repair. If it is the air conditioning compressor making noise, you can just deal with no A/C and live with the whine for a while.

Helping a friend with his car, somebody replace the motor then right after that the transmission did not shift at all.I change the motor again because the one they put in was junk. It is good in drive and good Reverse. Tried manual shifting no luck on any shifts. I believe I got it to shift one time manually shifting from first to second possibly. Checked and recheck all spark plugs, also checked all fuses. 1999 Chevy Impala 3800. Check engine. Checked to see if everything was plugged in knock sensor ect.

Not sure what the problem with your Impala is. You say after the first motor was replaced the transmission did not shift at all. Then you replaced the motor again, and now it is good in drive and reverse. Is this the same condition? Do you mean it wont upshift by itself? But, you say it is fine in drive and reverse.

If you mean that when you put the transmission into low 1, it will not shift when you go to low 2 then overdrive, then drive, that would have nothing to do with an engine replacement. That problem would also have nothing to do with electrical plugs or anything else electrically inside the transmission.

Not being able to manually shift it means there is a mechanical problem inside the transmission. Possibly a valve body problem with a stuck manual valve or some other component like a low/reverse roller clutch.

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