Chevrolet Corsica Engine Noise When Warm
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1993 Chev Corsica Engine size 2.2L 4 cyl.
Question = The engine has a knock that sounds like a rod knock.  It only knocks after the engine
is warmed-up...and at idle (waiting on a traffic light)... Otherwise, the engine runs great, both at
highway speeds, and at idle.  No oil pressure light showing, or any other oddities...  Where would
you go first?  I haven't hooked-up a manual gauge, yet, to see if it actually is going low at idle...

Well considering your car is 20 years old, and it is a knock and not a top end tick, then the
engine is just worn out. The noise you have could be a bad main bearing, rod bearing, worn
piston rings or wrist pin, etc. Check the oil pressure with a gauge. If it is more than 10 PSI at idle
when hot, then either live with it or take the engine out and tear it down, inspect for worn parts
and replace as needed.