2006 Chevy Impala service tire pressure monitor system. Why does my service tire pressure
monitor light keeps coming on my dash. I checked the tire pressures, and they all show dashes.
What can i do to reset the light. Is this something i have to go to the dealer for?
A common cause for this, and for possible problems with your remotes, is a problem with  the
"remote control door lock receiver" (RCDLR).

There is a service bulletin for these  conditions that has the technician replace the module,
antenna, program the module, and   the tire monitor system, This procedure will correct all other
these problems. Since you are  under 36k miles on an 06, this repair will be under warranty. Just
make an appointment with your nearest dealer.
Thanks again for your tip/donation.

I will send along the service bulletin so can have it with you.
What if the car is not under warranty? How much would this cost to fix?
If not under warranty, expect to pay approx. $250 for parts plus
2 hours labor to install and program the module and remotes.
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2006 Chevy Impala Service Tire Monitor