Radio problem with my 2003 Chevrolet Impala.
Question = Why does my radio say LOC. I purchased an original Radio CD cassette  player for the
2003 Impala. I had the mechanic replace the radio and now it displays a message "LOCKED" The
mechanic says that the dealer has to provide me with the code to unlock the radio. I called the
dealer and the dealer wants a $100.00 to unlock the radio. He says that he has to take the radio out
and reinstall it again so that he can see the VIN number that the radio came off. The place that sold
me radio says that the VIN number that radio came from is listed on the receipt. I checked the receipt
it sure is listed there. Is there anyway that I could get the code myself without having to pay the
dealer $100.00.

Thank you,

Hello and welcome.
On this vehicle, there is no security code to enter for the radio. This system looks at the   vehicle VIN
# and matches it to the radio. After a radio is replaced, the radio must be  programmed to the
vehicle. This can only be done with a dealer scanner.

Problem with my 2007 Chevy Impala.
Repairs done prior = Just regular
I changed the remote batteries.

Question = I have the same problem as the one listed below, but I have more miles on my  vehicle.  Is
this problem covered under the 100,000 mile transmission warranty?  If not, I am  guessing that they
would want an arm and a leg for this repair.  Probably not worth the  money is my guess.  What do
you think?

Yes, it sounds like this is your problem. Being a 2007, and that there is a bulletin, the  dealer may
offer some assistance with this repair. Also, depending on your VIN#, your car  may be under a recall
for similar problems that would be of no cost to you; that will also  repair the remote problem
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I Need Radio Unlock Code For A 2003 Impala