Problem with my 2002 Chevy Impala.
Engine size =
3400 v6
Check engine light

Question = I have a problem with a growling noise sound in the front end of the my 2002 Chevy
Impala. It gets louder the faster i drive. Sounds like a roaring sort of grinding. It changes when i turn
the wheel left or right while going down the road. A have read it could be a hub or wheel bearing.
Yes, this does sound like one of the front hub / wheel bearings. While turning the wheel and the
noise changes or goes away is a dead give-away. The load on the wheels change when driving
and turning.

Example: The load is taken off the right front when the car is turning to the right. So if the noise
goes away, then the right front bearing is the one that is the problem.

I Parked my car and went out to  start it again about an hour and a half later and I was not able
to  turn the key.  I installed a new lock cylinder and it will not start. I also noticed that my steering
wheel does not lock anymore.

When I put in the new cylinder I am able to shift the shifter with out Pressing on the brake pedal.  
I put the old cylinder back in and the shifter and brake pedal work normally but car will still not
start so I reinstalled new cylinder.  To make things even worse I cannot turn the key all the way
back to the off position to get the key out. Can you please help me?
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Growling Noise In The Front Of My Impala