Problem with my 2001 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1L V6.
Service vehicle soon no codes come up with scanner.
Repairs done prior = body work after collision.
Question = the service vehicle soon light has been on since the collision...the mechanics cannot find
a code... Chevy seems to have rumors about themselves purposely having computer input this data
for the light to come do i turn the light off? Nothing needs to be done to the car. Needed to
know how to tell the computer to turn the light off.

The service vehicle soon light is different then the service engine soon.  This is for a body system
problem detected. Usually because of an
ABS  problem, lighting problem, or a communication
problem between several different modules. Since it was after a collision, it may be that you need to  
re-program the BCM to learn the new air bag module part #. If you only had the powertrain computer
(PCM) scanned, that would not reveal a code for  this light. You need to have the BCM and other
modules scanned. If the  light is on, there is a code, or a bad module.
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Service Vehicle Soon Light After Body Shop Repairs

2001 Chevy Malibu Size 3.1, V6. Added lifter cleaner to crank case.
Question = Starting last night we heard a ticking/clicking noise coming from the engine. It speeds up
and slows down as you accelerate or slow down. We thought it could be the lifters, we put some
product in it to clean, it is still making a noise. Why does my malibu make noise.

I'm hesitant to take to a mechanic if its something we can fix ourselves any ideas?

An additive is most likely not going to fix this problem. First things first, check the oil level and
condition. Check coolant level and condition. This engine is well know for lower intake manifold
gasket leaking coolant internally and externally. When internally, it contaminates the oil and can
cause upper engine noise. Next what you need to find out is which side of the engine is making the
noise. Best way is with a stethoscope. Would suggest a qualified tech. To listen to, and start
diagnosis of this noise, because it may get worse and cause further damage.