Problem with my 2000 Chevy Venture 3.4 v6
work done prior = radiator, flush air filter and PCV. The indicator light just came on.
Question = Why does my service
traction system come on now i was wondering what it  could be
thanks allot.

Most likely the problems is in the ABS system. When a fault is present in the ABS, it will  
de-activated the traction control system. You will need to get the system scanned for  codes to
get an idea of where to begin the diagnosis.
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Chevy 2001 Venture Brake Fluid Low warning.
Question = How dangerous is it to drive with this warning coming on , can I put brake fluid in myself,
if so what kind of oil should i use? Thanks.
Answer: With low brake fluid, and the warning light coming on, it is very dangerous to drive the van.
You could lose braking and not be able to stop the vehicle in an emergency. The light is on because
the brake fluid level is low in the master cylinder. That usually means one of two things. Either you
have a brake fluid leak, or the brake pads are extremely worn out and the calipers are almost pushed
out completely. Both of these are bad situations, but the leak is worse.

You really need to get it checked out by a qualified technician. If you can add
brake fluid, that would
help, but I would be very cautious about driving it. You would need regular DOT brake fluid. Do NOT
add any other type of oil or fluid the brake system, or you will ruin every single component and they
will all need to be replaced.
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2001 Chevrolet Venture Van ABS And Brake Light On