°C-   Degrees Celsius

Cal-  Calibration

Cam-  Camshaft

cm³-  Cubic Centimeters

CCOT-  Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube

CD-  Compact Disc

cfm-  Cubic Feet per Minute

Cubic Inch Displacement

CKP-  Crankshaft Position

CKT-  Circuit

C/Ltr-  Cigar Lighter

CMP-  Camshaft Position

CNg-  Compressed Natural Gas

CO-  Carbon Monoxide

CO2-  Carbon Dioxide

Coax-  Coaxial

COMM-  Communication

Conn-  Connector

CPA-  Connector Position Assurance

CS-  Charging System

CSFI-  Central Sequential Fuel Injection

cu ft-  Cubic Foot/Feet

cu in-  Cubic Inch/Inches

CV-  Constant Velocity Joint

Cyl-  Cylinder(s)

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