2006 GMC Envoy. Engine size = 4.2L.
Computer codes = P0300 P2119- recently, P0014-previously.
a)replaced an air intake plenum to correct snow intrusion.
b)throttle body service
spark plugs
d)ceramic exterior and tip. coil connector boots and seal with die-electric grease - re & re all
ignition coils and spark plugs
e)dry out galleries filled with water and seal with die-electric grease.

Question: please confirm what the code P2119 means. I am think a Throttle Body issue. Seems a
lot of work for a truck driven less than 2,500 miles since buying used. Only 19958 when bought
would sit for a long period create this problem as they original diagnosed it as a dirty
camshaft actuator solenoid. Thanks
Yes, code P2119 is an idle speed error set for the electronic Throttle Control (
TAC) on your
Envoy. This code can return after a
throttle cleaning even though the problem has been
corrected. After this you need to do an idle re-learn. This is done with a dealer scan tool, but you
can try it without- although it does not work very often. To do that, start and let idle for 5 minutes
with A/C off. Turn ignition off for 1 minute. Start and idle again for 5 minutes, turn key off for 1
minute. Drive truck up to 45 MPH, then brake to a stop 3 times while idling for 30 seconds in

The problem as I said is that this does not often work, so the dealer would need to do it. If neither
of these things work, then there is a problem in the throttle itself and would need to be replaced.
Yes, code P0014 is usually the Camshaft Actuator Solenoid on your GMC- pretty common to fail-
either electronically, or leaking oil internally and getting all over the solenoid connector.
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2006 GMC Envoy Throttle And Cam Sensor Codes