Problem with my 2001 chevy Silverado HD 4X4. 6.0 Vortec Reduced engine power.
GM Computer codes = fuel tank pressure, or throttle positioning sensor.

Question = I have a Chevy Silverado 1500 HD with 6.0 motor. If I go 55 mph at a constant speed I lose
all throttle power, and it reads Reduced Engine Power. I had the codes read at auto zone and they
came back with fuel tank pressure and throttle positioning sensor. If I go 65 to 70 mph I have no
problems. Any Ideas?
The code for the fuel tank pressure sensor would not be related to this condition.

The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) code absolutely would. This code would be the cause of the
hesitation, and the Reduced Power message.

Most likely the sensor itself is bad. But before replacing, check that the wires at the connector are
not broken or damaged. Pull on each wire separately to see if they stretch. If they do, the wires is
broken inside the colored insulation and would need to be repaired.

The TPS is internal to the throttle body assembly on the electronic throttle system,
The Vortec V8 electronic ignition system is responsible for producing and controlling spark. This spark is
used to ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture at precisely the correct time. This provides optimal
performance, fuel economy, and control of exhaust emissions. This ignition system consists of a separate
ignition coil connected to each spark plug by a short secondary wire. The driver modules within each coil
assembly are commanded ON/OFF by the powertrain control module (PCM). The PCM primarily uses
engine speed and position information from the crankshaft and camshaft position (CMP) sensors to control
the sequence, dwell, and timing of the spark. The EI system consists of the following components...

Problem with my = 1998 Chevy 1500 Silverado. Engine size = 6.5 diesel. I need to know how to remove
the passenger airbag.
I order to remove the passenger side dash airbag inflator module, you must remove the entire dash
board assembly. This involves removing all dash trim, gauge cluster, lowering steering column, radio,
HVAC, vents, harnesses, etc. Very big job.
how you reset the light
There is no reset for that light. You have to fix the
problem. Then clear the codes with a scanner or
disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Just
disconnecting the battery without fixing the problem
may clear for a while but it will come back.
i have a 01 gm 6.0 an took all plugs off isolation module an all numbers on plugs have been
worn off. How do i put them back on the right way?
Match the colored wires red with red ect.
Match the colored wires red with red ect.
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Chevy Silverado Reduced Engine Power Warning