My 2001 Chevy malibu wont start. Why doe the theft/security light stay on. I work at an auto repair
shop and this is a customer.
Can you help me fix it? Thanks.

Hello and welcome. You should have the computer scanned for codes. But most likely your
problem is with the ignition lock cylinder causing the theft/security light. You will need to replace
the Theftlock cylinder and then have the system re-learned.
Thanks for the tip/donation! I will e-mail a step by step procedure with pics. Since you are going to
do this yourself....

Step-by-step instructions
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1999 chevy malibu blinking auto theft light where are the sensors.
There is only one sensor. It is part of the ignition key cylinder, known as
the Passlock Sensor.
Security theft system light comes on Malibu won't start 2 switches Over
the years have been replaced to the tune of 500.00 dollars a new starter
water pump and Gas pump have all been replaced to the tune of 900.00
dollars this time got the car back and it still won't start?????
Hard to say what it could be since you've had quite a few things
replaced. It could be the actual ignition cylinder, not the switch
that is bad. The cylinder is what houses the Passlock sensor for
your theft system. When there is a problem with it, you won't be
able to start the car. It would need to be replaced and the theft
deterrent would need to be re-learned to the new cylinder. If you
can get the car scanned, check to see if there are any theft
system codes. If so, that is your most likely cause.
leave the key in the ON position for ten min...turn back to OFF and then
try to start re-sets the theft system. I have an 2002 Malibu
Correct had a malibu...10 min wait without trying before then. Turn key to
on and leave for ten min. It resets annoying when ready to go
Pull the fuel relay fuse and turn the ignition over a few times then replace
the relay and try it. It worked for me haven't had any trouble starting
I have 2001 Chevy Malibu V6. Could not start the car,turned over
cranking but would not start. Battery was week finally dead totally, could
not even charge on charger,purchase new battery,and still wouldn't start.
Read a few reviews about the theft light being on, and blinking. Turned
the ignition on till the panel lights came on, left it there on for 10 or more
minutes. Guess what it worked, the light went off, and the car started.
Thanks for the great comments. Robert from New York, long Island.
Glad to help !
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Chevrolet Malibu Security Light Common Problem
mary lake said:
my car wont turn over 2001 mablibu

Bill said:
Reply @mary lake, OK. So does it crank and not start, or not crank. Many people have a real problem with explaining what is wrong with the their car
this way. Cranking and not starting is very different from not cranking. This is also different from not firing or wont run over. So, which is it?