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My Grand Caravan's engine has been running good, at low & high speeds, but during the last month it has started to give me trouble with the first start of the day. It feels like it's going to start but it doesn't, it just dye off. I wait a few minutes then it start OK and wouldn't act up until the next morning. It would seem like there is a problem when it gets completely cool overnight.

Today the problem became worse. It wouldn't start and I end up running the battery down. After cranking it with a jump, really fast and hard, it finally started like nothing was wrong. Now I'm scare of using the car. Could this problem be tune up related? All inputs are welcome... Thanks!

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i would look at your fuel pressure first thing in the morning. If you take it to a shop you will probably need to drop it off the day before so they could check it in the morning the next day. They should have a scanner hooked up and ready before they turn on the key. Also have a fuel pressure gauge hooked up too. They will need to check what happens when they first turn the key to the run position. Is everything turning on as it should. The fuel pressure should jump up to 34 to 49 psi. (may take more than one key cycle) Coolant and air temp should be very close to the same degrees. then crank the engine and see what happens.

They might want to check for codes the day you drop it off too just in case there are codes that make be stored in memory.

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