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My tranny made a noise like a rock hitting a metal pole.the engine light code read as torque conversion clutch.when i removed the tranny pan two pieces fell out n i saw a metal piece broke.i dont know what the piece is so i cant replace it.any suggestions on what it could be? It still shifts n drives like it should

File comment: Ford truck transmission valve body part broke and is laying in bottom of pan.
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Since the code read torque converter clutch problem, It looks like the part to the r5ight of the circle is the torque converter valve and the part on the bottom is a the lever that control it. This will not effect normal shifting, but you will not have torque converter lockup- that is kind of like another gear. This will lower your fuel economy, but will not effect the shifting or running of the truck.

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Thank you very much.you were a great help.

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